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Collection: Plant Seeds available

The seeds are from a variety of plant species pictured above.

* plants in the photos above are examples of adults plants-Only the seeds are for sale.*

The seeds are microscopic as pictured below so you will need a toothpick and patience to sow them in an area without wind.

**Please do your own research on how to sow and care for them-the general sowing tips below are my preferred method**

Germinating Lithop seeds instructions.

1. Fill your desired pot that has ample drainage holes in the bottom for ventilation with succulent soil mixed with pumice or a gritty washed gravel mix(Akadama, pumice, course silica, etc.)

Shallow pots or seedling trays work best and often come with plastic covers needed for the humidity required for the germination of the seeds.

2. Add a thin layer of very fine gravel or sand on top of the soil.

3. Arrange the seeds evenly by wetting the tip of a toothpick and gently touching the individual seed and placing it where you want it on the surface of the sand.

4. Gently spray the surface of the sand/soil with a water bottle making sure not to disturb the placement of the seeds and to keep the seeds slightly moist at all times.

5. Cover the tray with a plastic cover or plastic wrap and place under a grow lamp or indirect sunlight.

Germination usually starts within 14 days

Once the seedlings appear you can gradually take the plastic cover off for short periods of time throughout the day. Extend the time span that they receive air daily until they no longer require a cover. Keep the soil lightly moist for the first 4-6 months at all times then water only when the first inch of the soil is completely dry.

It is best to not transplant them for at least a year. Avoid direct sunlight as it will cook your seeds. Be cautious not to overwater lithops. They require very little water.

I do not provide refunds, exchanges, or cancellations but if there are any issues please reach out I will do my best to ensure my customers satisfaction.

All of my products come carefully wrapped and packed in layers and bubble wrap to ensure they arrive without damage. I am not responsible for shipping delays from Canada Post.

Thanks for your understanding and patience.

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